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Design Leadership

Design Leadership

This book is a 2.5 hour read – Free chapter from Design Leadership: Culture

Join us for food, drinks and a virtual Q & A session with author Richard Banfield!

We'll be discussing his newest book, "Design Leadership: How Top Design Leaders Build and Grow Successful Organizations"

What does it take to be the leader of a design firm or group? We often assume they have all the answers, but in this rapidly evolving industry they’re forced to find their way like the rest of us. So how do good design leaders manage? If you lead a design group, or want to understand the people who do, this insightful book explores behind-the-scenes strategies and tactics from leaders of top design companies throughout North America.

Based on scores of interviews he conducted over a two-year period—from small companies to massive corporations like ESPN—author Richard Banfield covers a wide range of topics, including:

•  How design leaders create a healthy company culture

•  Innovative ways for attracting and nurturing talent

•  Creating productive workspaces, and handling remote employees

•  Consistent patterns among vastly different leadership styles

•  Techniques and approaches for keeping the work pipeline full

•  Making strategic and tactical plans for the future

•  Mistakes that design leaders made—and how they bounced back

Companies interviewed for this book: 

Teehan + Lax, Happy Cog, Virgin Pulse, LogMeIn, Fidelity Investments, The Program Make, XPLANE, America’s Test Kitchen, eHouse Studio, Envy, ESPN, SuperFriendly, The Working Group, Uncorked Studios, Forrester Research, Kore Design, Yellow Pencil, Plank, Velir and many, many more.


About the Author

Richard Banfield is the CEO and Co-Founder of Boston-based user experience agency Fresh Tilled Soil and wears the strategic hat around the office. He's worked his way up the web marketing food chain, starting with online ad sales at MultiChoice, Africa’s largest TV and Internet media business. Richard was in the thick of it during the heady dot-com years, founding Acceleration, an international e-marketing business headquartered in London. He has never met a whiteboard he didn't like. 

Richard is also the co-author of Design Sprint, published last year from O-Reilly Media.

Cadence & Slang

Cadence & Slang

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100 MORE Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People